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If you’re already going to be spending moneyat stores, why not get a kickback for it? Today we’re sharing the 10 best shopping appsto use for saving money. Hi, I’m Marissa with DollarSprout. We often think that convenience costs moremoney, and sometimes it does, like expedited shipping or grocery pickup fees. But today I’m sharing 10 shopping apps withyou that blend convenience and savings. It really is the best of both worlds. Many of these companies literally pay youto make everyday purchases through their shopping apps. We promise, no gimmicks here. In this list, you will find apps that willhelp you get the best price or cashback value for your shopping trips, and we’ll leave linksto all of these apps and websites in the description box down below.

But before we get into it, don’t forget tosubscribe it to the DollarSprout YouTube channel for more money videos and to give this videoa thumbs up if you enjoy it. Number one, Rakuten. Rakuten, formally known as eBates, is a popularshopping app that issues cashback for shopping at popular online stores. It’s one of my favorite apps to use and here’show it works. You can access Rakuten on your computer ormobile app. Simply open the app or website and searchfor the store of your choice in the search bar.


Then click on any referral link to visit thestore of your choice and go about your shopping like usual. Rakuten has the most popular stores and evensome not so popular ones like Amazon, Best Buy, Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, and more. Each store has varying cashback percentagesgiven, but every little bit helps. Anytime I know that I need to make a purchaseonline, I head to Rakuten first and search for the store and follow their link. It’s an easy way to get cashback from shoppingthat I do anyway. Check out the link in the description boxto sign up for Rakuten and get a $10 bonus after spending your first $25 through Rakutenlinks. It’s completely free. Number two, Dosh. Dosh is a cashback shopping app that rewardsyou for everyday shopping you’re already doing, both in line and in store. You link your card to the app once and enjoycashback benefits over and over, just by maintaining your regular shopping habits. Dosh has you link your credit card, whichis confirmed secure, and gives you cashback for going about your day to day shopping. You earn cashback just by going into a storeand swiping your credit or debit card at checkout. Dosh doesn’t control or pressure you to makepurchases you don’t need just because it’s on sale.


Instead, you simply shop for the things youneed. Number three, Drop. Drop is similar to Rakuten where it givesyou money back for the purchases made through qualifying links, but the main differenceis that Drop pays you back in gift cards rather than straight cash. But this is a great way to get some treatyourself gift cards for additional fun spending. Here’s how it works. Sign up for a free Drop account and clickon any referral link to your favorite online store and place your order. Then you’ll get points in your Drop account. Once you’ve reached that minimum threshold,you can cash out your points for gift cards to places like Starbucks, Old Navy, Amazon,and more. Number for, Ibotta. Ibotta rewards you cash for making purchasesat popular stores that you already frequent without linking a card. You simply review the offers before each groceryshopping trip and add the items you need to your list in order to snag the cashback rewards. You can shop at stores like Walmart, Sam’sClub, Target, and more. Once you reach a $20 credit in the app, youcan request to pay out. Number five, Instacart. Instacart is a fun grocery shopping app thatyou can use from both sides. First, you can sign up and receive your grocerieson your doorstep. To use Instacart as a consumer, simply openthe app and select a grocery store in your area and shop for products you’d like to purchase. Then submit your order to receive fresh groceriesdelivered right to your doorstep. If you sign up for Instacart Express, for$99 a year, you receive all deliveries of $35 or more for free.


Remember that time is money and if you’restretched too thin, the $99 for unlimited groceries may be a lifesaver. On the flip side, if you’re looking to makea little bit of extra money for a side hustle, consider being an Instacart shopper. Shoppers typically earn 10 to $15 per hourdelivering groceries. Number six, Amazon Fresh. Amazon Fresh is a subscription based groceryshopping app that offers great deals on fresh produce and meat delivered right to your doorstep. You do all the shopping from your phone andreceive great quality food in a timely manner. This isn’t available in all areas yet, butif it’s available in yours, it may be worth the try. Simply sign up and visit the website and shopfor veggies, deli meat, cheese, fruit, and packaged products, and more. It’s then delivered right to your doorstep. Check out the link in the description boxbelow to sign up for Amazon Fresh for a 30-day free trial. Number seven, Raise. Raise is a marketplace to shop for discountedgift cards. It’s a great place to check for discountedgift cards before placing an online or in store purchase. If you’re willing to work Raise into yourroutine shopping habits, simply download the Raise app and check for discounted gift cardswhile you shop. By using Raise, you can look up the goingrate for a gift card to see if it will help you save money on the purchase you’re aboutto make. Physical gift cards will take a couple ofweeks to arrive in the mail, but digital delivery is often instant. Number eight, Groupon. Groupon isn’t your typical place to shop forsomething specific, but if you’re looking to try something new, you’ll find the bestdeals on Groupon. Groupon shows you the best local deals atthe lowest prices. Whether you’re going on a family vacationor trying to find an option for a date night, check Groupon. Last winter, my husband and I ran out of thingsto do that we knew were inside, so we visited Groupon and snagged ballroom dance lessonsfor $19, and archery lessons for $30. Both for fun and different activities thanwhat we’d normally do. But I will say that my husband preferred thearchery to the ballroom dance. Number nine, eBay. eBay is a go-to app forboth new and used products of all kinds. You can even stack gift cards with Raise andcashback perks with Rakuten to sweeten the deal. To use eBay, download the app and shop countlessitems. You’ll find clothes, books, toys, appliances,and electronics of all kinds on eBay. Simply search for the item and then compareprices and seller ratings to find the item you want to buy. Ordering on eBay is secure and reliable, andthey offer a money back guarantee to protect buyers from scams.


Number 10, Amazon. Amazon is another amazing shopping app thatbrings countless brands and sellers to one platform for an easy shopping experience. Simply download the app or visit the Amazonwebsite and search for just about everything. You can filter your results by best priceand see whether it’s an item that is new or used, and how long you can expect an itemto arrive. Amazon Prime is an awesome subscription basedmembership that allows you to purchase eligible items for free two-day shipping. I may even go as far as to say Amazon andAmazon Prime have become life-changing. Anyone else? If you enjoy saving money or time, then theseshopping apps can help save you immensely. By putting in just a little bit of work, youcan reap the benefit of cost savings and convenience without spending time clipping coupons. That’s all we have for today’s video. If you enjoyed it, don’t forget to give ita thumbs up. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the DollarSproutYouTube channel for more money videos. Leave us a comment below and let us know what’syour favorite way to save while you shop. Don’t forget to check out all the links inthe description box for those shopping apps. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye.

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