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10 Online Shopping tips to help you shop like a pro Let’s just hop right in! Tip number one is to check the sizing chart. You might be a different size in one store than you are in another and that is totally okay because size is just a number, it would be way better for you to order it a couple sizes up or down than you normally do and actually get something that you’re gonna wear over and over again then have to return something. Junior’s and women’s sizes are actually a little bit different junior’s will go up in odd numbers and women sizes will go up in even numbers so just be aware of which one you’re working with, and you might be a slightly different size depending on which one you’re looking at.

Tip number two, one thing in online shopping which I’m sure everybody knows is that you may run into a scam site one way to figure that out pretty easily is check to see if photos from one brand look similar. So if one photo is from a runway and another is from a photoshoot with a white background and then one is outdoors, all different models, you might assume that they could have stolen the design and taken the picture straight from another designer and put it on their website and by the time it gets to you it doesn’t look anything like what you thought you were gonna get. Tip 3, is it too good to be true? yes yes it is Tip 4, I’m gonna be really careful here but compare yourself to the model and I don’t mean comparing yourself to a very difficult beauty standard, but if she has a dark skin tone and curly hair versus me, I’m very pale and have straight hair the outfit that might look amazing on her might not look so good on me.

That doesn’t mean you need to rule it out but it’s a good thing to pay attention to. Tip 5, something to be aware of is sometimes it’s not so much that you love the peice of clothing but you love the photo. So they have a really interesting background or the model is doing a twirl that looks amazing in that skirt. but you won’t actually love that piece of clothing once it gets to you and its just hanging on your body. Tip 6 is to check the model reference because odds are, she’s probably taller than you. so one thing that really helped me with trying to find modest clothing was to see if she was 5’9″ and the skirt that she was wearing that was one inch too short would hit me at the perfect length Tip number seven seriously imagine yourself wearing the clothes I know a lot of times the photo was amazing, a model looks perfect wearing something. But if you don’t actually have a plan for how you’re going to wear the clothing it’s probably just going to hang in your closet. So I like to imagine what else I already own that I would pair with that, or what event I want to wear this to, and that way it’s way more likely that you’re actually going to wear it instead of just donating it a year later.

Tip number eight, check the website’s return policy. sometime’s they’ll say that they do easy or fast returns but it might not be what you expect. A lot of places will give you store credit instead of cashback amd that could be really disappointing especially if you didn’t like the clothes in the first place and you don’t want to buy anything else from them, you just want to have your money back. tip number nine look up reviews from external sites sometimes the reviews on a website are very carefully curated and may not actually reflect the quality of the item you’re getting and you’ll probably get a more unbiased review if you’re going on a third-party website.

And you could probably even look up, youtube haul videos. Tip number ten see how the company styled the piece that you’re trying to buy because they have a professional on deck that is doing their absolute best to make you think that it looks amazing. So if you want to get the best idea of how to style your hair what accessories to wear, what shoes should you wear they’ve had a professional figure that out for you, so you can see how they styled it and then figure out how to do that with your own wardrobe at home. Thank you so much for watching, if any of these were helpful for you leave a comment down below, tell me which one was your favorite. And if you have any of your own to add I’m sure it would be beneficial to me and everyone else. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time with some more fashion advice.

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